Cancel Culture: What can we do about it?

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We all have opinions on a topic. Some agree and some disagree with what people saying. But some opinions may contain things that upset or hurt people, they could even be distressing and could offend others. So what can we really do about it? Let's find out on what we can REALLY do to stop the effects of ''Cancel Culture.''


Most people might agree with something because they strongly feel about a topic that has been mentioned in the news very often. For example, a lot of people in my class strongly feel about climate change because they care about the planet, which is a good thing for me! People could also agree because it is said that we could agree to disagree something and that would be the quickest way to end an argument.


Everyone can agree on something, or could they? Half of other people could disagree from other people's opinions unless it's for a valid reason. If someone disagreed on something without a reason then it could force friends to stop listening to what others are saying, agreeing, or they could just ignore them! This is why we should always think before we share an opinion.

My Point of View

Even if you feel like responding to a certain topic, I think it's best to just listen to other people and let their voice be heard to others. Saying something rude or hurtful could make the targeted person feel ashamed and embarrassed. Others could be many furious. Im my point of view/opinion, It's probably best to just listen to what others say before you agree or disagree. This would help to end cancel culture and bring back together, once and for all!

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