Cancel culture final piece with super_city and daring_whale

super_city:I think it depends why someone is being cancelled and in what context. Say someone has done something wrong (to be finshed soon!)

daring_whale - I think cancel culture should be prosecuted since a single person criticizing you on social media could lead to a chain reaction where everyone turns against you. You can not do anything about this and all the time you spent working on your social and personal life will be ruined. Some people cancel other people because of something they did a long time ago and this is not fair. This is why stopping culture would be the right idea. When you cancel someone without telling them why they were cancelled as this is not fair!

Champion_watermelon:Cancel culture is good and bad depending on the situation. It's when someone is blocked out completely in their personal life and work life, if they have made a mistake even if it was several years ago when they didn’t understand what they said.

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