A speech against Cancel Culture

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Cancel cancelling: Speech against Cancel culture

Cancel culture is a terrible thing.

It controls behaviour, yes, but it takes the power too far. Whether we are guilty or innocent of any accusation, we are all human who have made mistakes. If we're all equal, why don't we all receive second chances instead of cruel cancelling? We all do things we know are wrong: whether it's telling a white lie or something serious, deep down there is always a bit of remorse. Can't we forgive?! Of course, if chances are wasted I will agree that there is a right to be cancelled but not at first. Some people can't even distinguish the difference between right and wrong! A common phrase which I will use is, "We should learn from our mistakes." We can all be good people. Let's make our community equal. Cancel culture should really be cancelled.

Cancel culture is guilty of ruining lives.

Cancel culture is guilty of ruining jobs.

Cancel culture is guilty of ruining our world.

Let's cancel cancelling today!

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