Will Covid-19 make it easier for us to deal with the coming epidemics?!

Will Covid-19 make it easier for us to deal with the coming epidemics?

First, there are many epidemics that swept the world before the Covid-19 pandemic, such as the plague, smallpox, and others. But have you noticed that things are different in every pandemic? What I mean is that in every new pandemic the situation is completely different, as the preventive measures differ, and how dangerous the virus is and how widespread it is around the world, here begins the question of whether Covid 19 can facilitate things in dealing with the coming epidemics?!

In my opinion, it won't facilitate because there are simply reasons that vary from time to time, including:

1.Diseases and epidemics differ in their composition and nature, which leads to a difference in the severity and extent of its spread, and the treatment of this epidemic will also differ, and the method of dealing with it differs.

2.The time difference will differ in the capabilities that will help deal with the epidemic, for example, medical technology will be developed, so it will help find a treatment or a vaccine sooner.

Also, if pandemics make it easier for us to deal with upcoming pandemics, why do scientists say at the moment about Covid 19 that we need many years to return to normal life.

What we can benefit from from previous epidemics is that all epidemics need preventive precautions, however preventive precautions differ according to the epidemic.

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