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The problem of global warming is the problem of the modern era, which began with its beginning and it is not known when it will end. Its main cause is pollution, and its solution is green materials.

Why do leaders not care about the problem of global warming?


Because of leaders' ignorance of the global warming problem or how dangerous it is.

Secondly, neglect:

They know the extent of its seriousness and the difficulty of the problem, so they postpone it, hoping that they will take care of it who will come after them, under the pretext that it is difficult.

Third, ignoring:

Because they know it will come later, they ignore it, especially because it will come in future generations.

Fourth, the state outside the framework of influence:

Because the country he heads is outside the framework of the thermal test effect now.

Fifthly, the cost:

Because the cost of rebuilding will be high, especially because some countries are going through a financial crisis.

Sixth, the leaders are preoccupied with other problems such as Covid-11 virus, wars and financial crises.

What if I am a captain?

At the time, I will place my priority on developing my country to resist global warming, even if that means bankruptcy, because solving this problem is an investment, so as long as we solve it we will save millions of dollars to treat diseases caused by pollution, or the wealth that will be wasted trying to find solutions after it is too late, as there is a wisdom that says "dirhams And prevention, is better than a pound of cure, "meaning protecting ourselves from infection is better than catching it and then being treated."

How can we, as students, draw the superiors' attention to the problem?

Through protests, interviewing environmental activists, posting videos on social media sites, posting posters, holding meetings with our schoolmates, and getting support from adults and others ..

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    21 May 2021

    Is it fair to say leaders don't care, or would it be more accurate to say some leaders don't care? Maybe you could take a look at this post about the countries doing the most to tackle climate change: https://burnetnewsclub.com/issues/building-back-greener/the-discussion/five-countries-can-be-considered-the-protectors-of-the-environment/

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  • Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni logo sceptical_grapefruit | Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni B
    21 May 2021

    Hello! I like that you've brought up the issue that leaders don't care about the problem of global warming! I agree; these leaders are busy with other major issues, but they should also think about our home. I don't think they don't care - they just have been busy with those other major issues. Maybe it would be an idea that the people start changing their actions too, because we have the responsibility to show our planet some love, and not wait for the leaders to tell us what to do, or it might be too late. Thank you for your post, I enjoyed reading it and responding to it! Keep up the good work! :)

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