Why aren’t people reacting to climate change as quickly as they did to covid-19?

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Why aren’t people reacting to climate change as quickly as they did to covid-19?

For nearly a year, our world has been ravaged by a global pandemic, COVID-19. The respective governments have made every effort to curb that alarming propagation: obligation to wear a mask, social distancing, and many more. But have you ever thought about why people aren't reacting to climate change as quickly as they did to covid-19, even though they’re both as dangerous as each other….?

Main reason

In my point of view, I believe that people aren't reacting to climate change as they did for Covid because hospitals were overwhelmed so people reacted to covid immediately once they saw how deadly and dangerous it could be. People were also reacting more quickly to covid because it arrived to the world suddenly without them knowing that something was going to spread. So, they neglected covid at the beginning, which led to the death of many innocent people around the world, and it also caused more than 1.6 billion children to miss out on education in 161 countries, which is nearly 80% of students enrolled in school around the world. In addition, because of this sudden situation, this made people forget about covid even more because covid is everywhere literally and not, it’s on the: TV, Radio, websites, channels and youtube

What helps?

The media. As we’ve said in our last issue: Infodemic in the Pandemic, the media is mostly an infomedic about covid which is a problem because people might believe that wrong information is true and true information is false, this can make people have less trust in the media. If they believe the wrong information, they won’t protect themselves and the community. They could also start a riot (which is a type of protest, as we’ve learnt that in another past issue) and injure people, damaging things, families could lose their homes and go to prison. The people who believe that coronavirus isn’t real because of fake news, meet up with others, and spread the virus even more which could lead to more restrictions and more severe deaths.

People also only tend to share things that they agree with. So if people are sharing a lot of fake news, and lots of people believe it, it's easy to get sucked into a bubble that is actually completely different to the real world - and a long way from the truth.

As covid-19 continues to spread, there’s most likely going to be more negative news to scare you, even when it’s not true. In addition, this could also lead to scams to take your money and details by mentioning something dangerous and something that you love, like your family e.g. if you got a message saying ‘covid is more deadly and dangerous than ever and your family could have the symptoms without knowing, click on this link and give details so that we can help your family survive this deadly virus’. Lots of people out there aren’t aware of scams like this, so they could easily get tricked into giving their money. During a pandemic such as this deadly virus, as humans it is expected you will hear and see both negative and positive reactions from people, its human nature. There's always going to be a party who will not agree when another party agrees on something.

This proves that people are forgetting about climate change and they’re not realising it’s as dangerous and deadly as covid because covid came suddenly which overwhelmed hospitals and caused a panic, while the media is also helping by spreading fake news.

Climate change’s side of the story in the UK

In the UK we don’t worry about climate change that much because it’s not affecting us in a bad way, yet. For example, in the winter, it’s getting colder and I believe we are getting more snow, while in the Summer it’s getting hotter and sea levels are rising.

Climate change’s side of the story in China in the future

Climate change may lead to a wide range of extreme weather events in China, including typhoons, floods, blizzards, windstorms, drought, and landslides. It is believed that by 2050, the sea level will rise by 30cm, causing many countries such as the Bahamas and Thailand to be underwater. If we do not take immediate actions against climate change, we will face severe consequences.

My opinion

I believe that we should take action now, or else our planet would be in the middle of rising sea levels, enormous floods, intense heat waves, rainfall and droughts. This is just some of the most dangerous effects of climate change, so think how dangerous it might be for all of those effects combined with more, would you really want to go through that?

If not, help our planet, before it’s too late.

I got my information from other sessions in the BNC and newsround.


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