Why Are The Reactions To Covid-19 Quicker Than Climate Change?

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Why Are The Reactions To Covid-19 Quicker Than The Reactions To Climate Change?

When you are first asked this question, a lot of peoples first answer would be something along the lines of 'well, the CoronaVirus pandemic is a deadly virus and climate change is a change in the temperature!' They are completely correct in saying that, we did have a faster reaction to CoronaVirus and developing a vaccine- but why haven't we done that for climate change?

Well, as you think deeper, climate change will slowly push Earth and all its inhabitants to the limits- humans included. So why do we treat these issues differently, though they are so alike?

Climate change may be a pressing issue, but covid-19 needed a more efficient and quick response. Many lives have been lost, so the quicker the vaccine, the more we can save. Although climate change is also a pressing issue, it is more long term and we are already taking action. We may not be able to go back on our mistakes, but if we try we can fix the future ones before they happen!

Recently, governments all over the world have begun to roll out coronavirus vaccines and measures. How efficiently they will work is still not 100% clear but what is clear is that the pandemic response is in contrast to the lack of action on climate change, despite the similarities between the two worldwide threats.

Climate change is not seen as a huge issue in some places and even has been described as 'fake'. Fairly recently there has been a report on climate change- if the nations do not take drastic action soon, there might be serious consequences within the next 25 years. 25 years is not long away, and if we do not act now there may be no going back.

Taking everything into account, in my opinion, this illustrates how we need to act fast on climate change, in a similar way to our 'fast responses' with Covid-19.

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