Who is affected by climate change?

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Hello! I am selfassured_journalist and this post is about who is affected by climate change, air pollution and littering.

Of course, we will be affected by the changes. If global warming is allowed to continue, we will be burnt and boiling. Air pollution will mean we breathe in dirty air. The harmful gasses could be bad for our body. Littering might not affect us too much, but we are more positive with cleaner landscapes. Some other problems with litter will be mentioned later in the post.

Our Earth is affected too. This might seem an obvious comment to make (the clue is in the name : global warming) but you might be surprised at how many people don't realise the damage. Think about it: if we were all aware of the harm we inflict on our planet, would we still do it? Probably not, unless we didn't know that we would have to suffer with the world. Our streets would be free of rubbish, our sky would be clear of air pollution, we wouldn't have to fear working in extreme heat waves, our water would be, in want of a better word for cleaner, fresher. We benefit, the Earth benefits. Although there could be in a distant galaxy, scientists have no Planet B for backup!

I've covered humans and the planet, so is there anything or anyone left? Of course there is! What about the animals? Poor polar bears and penguins are pleading for help as ice caps melt away. Seals watch helpless as the iceburgs trickle into the sea, making water levels rise up. Turtles in the ocean are tired of choking on plastic bags, mistaking them for giant, juicy jellyfish. The whales have watery eyes as they swallow shards of plastic along with their krill breakfasts. And once again, we have to live with this as well. Imagine a family's horror as they cut open a fish, only to find plastic pellets pumping out. Our actions speak louder than out words. Some of us have understood the conflict and attempt to stop it. Others, I am sorry to say, don't care. What do I care about hot weather? Rubbish doesn't stop me getting to where I want. I'll just give bad ratings to a shop and get a new, plastic free takeaway. These thoughts are WRONG!

In the end, we will all come to know what we're heading for. Let's hope it's not too late by that time...

A word of advice: whether it's just putting up posters or planting new trees, do something to keep our planet alive. Work together, everyone will benefit and disaster will be avoided.

I hope this post makes people think about the consequences of maltreating the Earth. Be serious and take action.


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  • global-conversation.png smart_mouse | Junior Secondary School | Nigeria
    20 May 2021

    You are right self assured journalist

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  • Hammond School logo sincere_atom | Hammond Junior School C
    21 May 2021

    Great post! But although we do really need to do something about the climate change, it is quite hard to do this, and I think that it will take more than just one person to stop climate change completely. We would need to get the government to do something about this crisis but it isn't easy. So what do you think we could do to help the climate as an everyday person?

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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Charlotte Rothnie Trainee @ Clifford Chance
    24 May 2021

    This is a very interesting post, selfassured_journalist, well done! You have really highlighted some of the issues that are arising as a result of climate change and environmental pollution. You have mentioned that some people do not realise the damage that is being done to the earth. Can you give some examples of ways in which people could try to raise awareness of the effects of climate change and pollution?

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    1. Manor Park logo selfassured_journalist | Manor Park Primary Academy
      Charlotte Rothnie Trainee @ Clifford Chance's comment 27 May 2021

      Social media
      These are the only ones I can think of at the current moment.

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