Who Has The Power And Does It Have To Be This Way?

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Who Has The Power And Does It Have To Be This Way?

Power. We all know what power is, and we all know it can be used to make decisions. But, have you ever thought about the questions, who has the power?, and does it have to be this way?

Today I will be focusing on the questions; who has the power?, and does it have to be this way?, and I will also be providing my own opinion.

Who has the power?

Queen Elizabeth II

No. You might think that Queen Elizabeth will automatically have the power to do anything she wants anytime she wants, and that some people around the world are influenced by the Queen of the UK (United kingdom). But despite that enormous influence and name, the Queen holds no real power in British government.

The prime Minister (Boris Johnson)

Yes. The Prime Minister has the power to make decisions for our country and also makes sure that we follow the law, he also has the power to deal with situations and crises, e.g. climate change. Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister for a reason, to make sure we’re a safe and responsible country. Boris Johson also has the power from being the Prime Minister because the public has voted for MP’s in their areas, so there are 650 MP’s in parliament so he would need 326 because he would need 1 more than half of 650.

Does it have to be this way?

Yes and No. What I mean by yes is that the Prime Minister is in charge of us and he’s technically the ruler of the UK (United Kingdom), but that doesn't mean that the prime minister can control us, We do what we want to do, at the same time we have to follow the law, so for example, we don't have to wait for Boris Johnson (the Prime Minister) to say that we said help stop climate change or that we should stop putting rubbish in the ocean, we can do that ourselves, without anybody telling us to.

If I was a leader

If I was a leader, I would provide waste recycling machines on a large scale, to prevent people from burning waste or throwing it into the ocean, and to give people small money in exchange for collecting and sorting waste and putting them in waste bins that somehow recycles it into something useful, for example, in the future, waste bins could recycle waste into electricity to power our world, this way we would have extra electricity and it would be good for our planet. I would make a new foundation subject at school called ECC (Environment/climate change) for children 5 - 11, and BBG (Build Back Greener) for kids 11 - 16, to teach children how to deal with the environment in the correct, appropriate and developed ways, the subject will also teach them to manufacture systems and machines that help them help the environment. While being a leader, I will also be taking the opinions of the public (including children) into consideration on environmental and climate issues, because listening just to the opinions of leaders will not be enough to solve environmental problems.

Make sure to write in the comments if you have any questions or responses so I can answer back.


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