What would I do if I were a leader?

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What would I do if I were a leader?

There are many influential leaders that have an impact on people by making them think differently about many things and making them head towards the right that guarantees them a life almost free of difficulties.

In this post I will show you important points and actions that I would do on the environment and the climate if I were that leader.

1. The exploitation of large desert areas for the use of solar energy is widespread, as is the exploitation of large empty lands and the use of agricultural lands and not for buildings and houses, and the construction of tall buildings and towers to expand the empty lands and their exploitation for agriculture and trees.

2. Establishing the law of "environmental conscription" for a certain period for each person, and it is taken to the environmental service. There they are introduced to environmental problems and methods of treating them, and they reach out to help protect the environment and find ways to deal with current environmental disasters, just like military conscription.

3. Providing waste recycling machines on a large scale, to keep people from burning waste or throwing it into water bodies, and to give people small money in exchange for collecting and sorting waste and putting them in waste baskets.

4. Building special schools to teach children how to deal with the environment in correct, modern and developed ways, and to teach them to manufacture systems and machines that help them deal with the environment.

5. Taking the opinions of people and children into consideration on environmental and climate issues, because listening just to the opinions of leaders will not be enough to solve environmental problems and disasters, and waiting for them to talk about them and take measures about them will lead us to failure.

What I want from writing this post is not only visualizing and making plans if I were that leader, but what I want to communicate is what I would like a lot of leaders to do about the environment and the climate.

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