What skill would you MOST like to get better at?

In the Burnet News Club, we focus on four key skills, developed by The Skills Builder Partnership: speaking and listening, and problem-solving and creativity.

These skills are hugely valuable both in school and life. They help us make sense of the news, participate in discussions and come up with new ideas to tackle the challenges facing our world!

Take the poll below to show which skill you would MOST like to improve, and then scroll down to find ways you can practise it!

Click the links below to find ways to practise each skill...

(We'll be adding and updating these links each week!)

Practise your SPEAKING by entering this week's competition

Practise your LISTENING by joining your cluster conversation.

Practise your CREATIVITY by coming up with questions for our experts!

...and have a go at PROBLEM-SOLVING with our first quiz of the Issue!

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