What is global warming

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Global warming is a huge organisation made by people to make the world greener again and the phrase that I just use there which was "make the world greener" what do you think that means well in my opinion I think that with that statement a lot of people use Mainly means that we as a country need to make all land greener again

But the main point I wanted to get on to it is what is global warming

Global warming can also be using the term forms of climate change. Climate change as we now know is a huge organisation run by people who support climate change lately throughout the past few years there has been a lot of protest on climate change why? Well I'll explain why

The reason why a lot of people are protesting on climate change is because we as humans are polluting the air which means people are throwing plastic into the sea people are polluting the air by burning substances for example smoking can be polluting the air or having a barbecue can pollute the air Things that include smoke are mainly the reason why climate change is a thing.

and example of a huge climate change problem is that in the Antarctic and cold places that have ICCs the ice is melting really fast which is a bad thing because it can cause things such as really really high waves or even Tsunamis (potentially) Things like this is also really bad for the animals that live in the Antarctic because for them they are meant to live on ice versus the ice is melting they don't really have anywhere to rest the lack of food also is a huge problem because animals and even humans in the attic I have been a lack of food because of climate change but my perspective on climate change is different

personally to me I think that climate change is a huge problem because this is damaging the sea and this is damaging our planet Imagine if if you want to clean your room so nicely and it is spotless and let's say someone comes in and ruins your room for all the days of your life that's similar to climate change because people are throwing plastic into places where it's not meant to be every single day it was recorded that. Around 8 million pieces in spectacles of plastic are thrown into the sea every single day so if you were to make that into a year that would be 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are thrown into the sea every year!

that is like someone trashing your room completely

I think that we need to put a stop to climate change and we need to do something to at least stop climate change because the more we do this the more we are polluting our Earth

But what are your opinions on climate change?

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