What can we do to help climate change?

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As Covid 19 hit the Uk , The country has been fighting hard to stop the rate of deaths and trying to find a vaccine for the illness. However, the UK has been so focused on Covid, we have not taken the time to think about the environment. Climate change is a huge issue in the world and we neen to take the time and make a change!

As we went into lockdown, we started using our cars less, therefore toxic gases were not bein released into the air around us. Factory's closed down making the air around us cleaner. Many people started planting seeds in their garden and trying to grow back the world we loved.

So, what can we do to help?

We can help by using our cars less and walking more. Trying to recycle when possible will make a huge impact on the earth.

My friend Clever_forest has something to say to the BNC about Climate change.

" we should all work together to help and if we dont, there will be no green land and human beings will die out because there will be no trees to make oxygen."

How can we help at home?

When I was younger, My family cut down 2 trees in my garden. Me and My Mum felt Bad for cutting down those 2 trees. What we did was donate money for 2 trees to be planted else where.

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