Ways to "bring back greener."

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For the last few years our planets trees have decreased dramatically. The urban environment, for which many of us inhabit, has made us suffer, by reducing the amount of cleaner area required. With not enough oxygen needed, due to the extreme number of trees being cut down every minute. So this article is here to help! In this article with tell you ways that you can bring back greener.

1.Take action and switch off

The first step to reducing energy bills is cutting down on the amount of energy we use. Did you know that turning the thermostat down by just one degree can save up to 10 per cent on your bill? Other simple changes you can make include switching off lights when you’re not in a room, turning off appliances instead leaving them on standby, boiling just the right amount of water in the kettle and hanging out washing instead of using the drier.

2. Buy local and seasonal food

Eating local and seasonal food makes sense for our environment, economy and our taste buds. By buying from local farmers markets and picking food that is in season, we can support British producers and cut down on long-distance travel that affects the taste and nutritional content of food. When a crop is in season, it’s often cheaper too because there’s so much of it. Everyone’s a winner!

3.Haste makes waste

Instead of trying to throw your food out try turning it in to compost your garden will get the nature it needs and your saving our planet. Its a win for everyone.

Did you know you not littering can cause a huge effect on the world. So the tinest thing say you was you hands to are staying safe a helping out the world. They are many other ways of bringing back greener but hope these tips helped you out.

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