Covid-19 has had some serious environmental effects on our planet earth, in both positive and negative ways. For the past year the world has experienced some drastic changes due to the effects of covid-19. In the same way, it has affected the environment both positively and negatively.

Without a doubt, the covid-19 pandemic was a terrible experience for everyone. It claimed thousands of lives and disrupted the normal course of events in many areas. Covid-19 has had both negative and positive impacts; among the negative were deaths, disruption of school activities and, economic strain on countries and many others. The most conspicuous positive effect of the pandemic was the recovery time that is allowed the earth and environment.

  • Firstly, I reside in Nigeria, due to the covid-19 pandemic, carbon emissions had drastically reduced. A lot of industries that were running, were almost equal to zero because of the law that was imposed by the government, forcing the whole industries to shutdown due to the spread of the covid-19. The environment enjoyed a certain level of inactivity because of this reason. Also the ozone layer was given enough time to rejuvenate, because of the inactivity in the atmosphere. Examples of big companies that shutdown due to covid-19 in Nigeria were; NASCO, GRAND CEREALS, and others.
  • The use of face masks was made compulsory till date because of the second wave of the virus also. In Africa, Nigeria, we are not use to this rules, so trying to abide , took us a lot of struggle and also the use of force. Although we made it, but many Nigerians were not aware of the proper disposal of the face masks. You could find disposable face masks being thrown by the road side, which could be seen as pollution. The fact that most disposable face masks were made bio-degradable didn’t mean that it could be thrown anywhere or disposed carelessly. But only a few Nigerians in the rural areas knew about this. They were disposed carelessly, making the area very dirty, and worse than it used to be. Adding to that, the sanitizers that were made were being packaged in plastic bottles. This also caused pollution by the careless citizens of Nigeria.
  • Bio-degradable facemasks could also be seen as an advantage because, it served as a form of manure or fertilizer to the soil. Nigeria is very well known in the agricultural sector. We are good in farming and also exporting some of our crops, such as cocoa, cotton, and many others. The decomposition of the face masks in the soil added more nutrition to the soil, which would make us grow bigger and better crops for the country to generate income.

It seemed like it was a war between COVID-19 the environment but it also felt as if the pandemic was helping the environment in such a way that seemed to marvel the society but then only a few people were able to understand as well as to relate the environmental issues to the pandemic.

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