Top tips for Global Conversation students!

A huge well done to everyone who has shared their opinion on the Hub so far!

Here are few helpful reminders to make the discussion event better:

global convo icon.png

- Only enter the competition ONCE

- Reply to other people! Tell them what you think, whether you agree/disagree and what things are like where you are

- You should nearly always write a comment and do not go straight to WRITE POST. You will probably write one or two posts over the whole course of the project, but unlimited comments!

- The Issue is about building back greener after covid-19. Don’t write posts about the impact of the virus or good hand-washing techniques, these won’t be publishe

-We’ve had to reject a lot of very similar posts eg: ones about the different reactions to covid and climate. Add your thoughts as a comment instead. Or think of a different angle!

- If you wish to quote from a website, use “speech marks” within your own writing and tell us which website it is from. Do not copy and paste information from other websites!

- Do not copy from other students

- Only use usernames – no real names

- Posts and comments won’t be approved immediately – we approve contributions Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Be patient! There is no need to post the same comment more than once if it doesn’t appear straight away!

Have fun!

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