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Hello, since the industrial revolution began in recent decades, it has had side effects on the environment, especially on the climate, and these effects are still increasing and exacerbating We are now more aware of its dangers to the climate and the environment. Therefore, steps must be taken to help the climate, because climate change has become a global issue to which there must be a solution. One of these steps that help the climate is called a greener building process, and now you and I will go to see how to implement these measures. First, the use of renewable green energy instead of fossil fuels, crude oil and natural gas, which we have become completely dependent on in our lives. Or we cannot use solar energy to generate electricity because it is the safest way for us, the environment and the climate to generate electricity more than using fossil fuels and water and air energy, which need a high material cost and have a negative impact. Solar energy does not need except for large areas in which the sun shines, while air turbines need large areas and high areas to take the largest amount of air and need a high material cost As for water dams, it is true that they are useful, but the dams may collapse and cause a disaster, so in the opinion of solar energy is the best, and also replacing them instead of oil and natural gas striking the environment Secondly, supporting green businesses, institutions that work entirely on renewable energy, assisting factories that operate with renewable energy, because if it spreads in countries, people will find it useful and support it. Third, planting trees. We can support the state of tree planting and launch competitions for them that instill the spirit of competition for agriculture, and also allocate a day to plant trees in every country. This will spread a sense of the importance of planting trees in the hearts of people and also support the idea of ​​recycling Why because if we recycle it will have positive effects It is the ideas that I suggested 1- Use ice cream sticks to make artistic figures and paintings , 2- Using plastic utensils and large plates, cutting them, planting them, and decorating them with lollipops and crayons , 3- Using rose petals, drying them, and making antiques and drawings from them ,4- Use dry twigs to make nests and birdhouses and put them on trees ,, 5- When going shopping, replace the plastic bags with cloth bags that are used more than once and can be washed , The materials that we use daily that harm the environment, such as plastic containers and plastic bottles, can also be replaced with materials that can be recycled and used more than once and are not harmful to the environment , Also, these procedures can be used in transportation, such as using electric cars and using hydrogen gas in cars instead of petroleum, because combustion hydrogen is not harmful to the environment other than harmful gases. , And also to make special roads that can only be entered on bicycles or walking on foot and decorate them, as well as with materials that help the environment to urge people to apply these measures in my opinion, these measures are the most appropriate and benefit my country’s circumstances

What are the most appropriate measures for your country؟؟؟ and why؟؟؟

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  • global-conversation.png genius_fruit | Gaza Prep B Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    01 May 2021

    I think these ideas can help reduce pollution. But the proper way is to replace plastic with other bags because here in my country we have a lot of plastic lying on the floor and I think this problem is roaming the world. And the idea of ​​using hydrogen is the basis of pollution. But can people use it? I think few of them will, but in future generations they will use it as if it were oil and oil will expire.

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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Caitlin Prasad @ Clifford Chance
    02 May 2021

    Hi resilient_dusk! Many thanks for your post- I really enjoyed reading it. You suggest that one of the steps we can take to slow down the effects of climate change is to support green businesses. How do you think we can encourage more businesses to become green and take climate change seriously, given that many businesses are refusing to take the necessary steps because the cost of the transition and changing the way they operate will be too high?

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School fearless_grasshopper | Lyons Hall Primary School A
    04 May 2021

    thanks for some advice i think that if we take some of the steps you have listed each we will make a diffent in the world so i will try nand do some just wanted to tell you that i do want to try and do it not just reading it

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