Three reasons why someone might deny climate change?

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Three reasons why someone might deny climate change.

There are reasons why people don't interact with climate change, the first reason is that they don't know the seriousness of climate change and its negative effects, the other reason is their denial of climate change, but what makes them deny climate change?

1. The first reason: their belief that climate change is a natural phenomenon that occurred in the past and is still occurring, and that it is natural to happen.

2. The second reason: Many people don't see the effects of climate change realistically or directly, human depends on his opinion and endorsement on the things he sees clearly and directly, and there are many people who haven't clearly seen the effects of climate change in their area.

3. The third reason: fake news and bad media, there are many myths, lies and rumors that are spread widely and negatively affect people's opinions and make them deny climate change, for example we always hear that scientists talk about climate change and come up with fake research just to obtain money, so people don't believe them and deny climate change.

Here's what I think about this issue: "why Someone might deny climate change ", I would really like to hear your opinion on this issue.

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