The world on a tight rope

The world on a tight rope

My image is about the earth being on a tight rope. And a man in a universe were the ropes are realy there, he does logs to learn about the inevitable fate, or is it.

Day 1, 3 days from disaster

So many ropes were tangled and the only thing stopping it from falling was the small net. Stall and it will break, jump and it will blow, and hurt it will pollute it, pollute to the death, the inevitable death, unless you stop it, and its easy. Easy if you coordinate.

Day 2, 2 days from disaster.

The ropes are falling, the world is at stake, 99% of places have coordinated, but the 2 superpowers still deny, northerland and easolania, they still polute the air like its partying, I hope they dont continue or the stick we use for sunlight and stablility wont be ours but nobodies.

Day 3, 1 days from disaster.

They have finnaly agreed, everyone in the world is working towards fixing the planet, beaches are cleaned, power plants are down and we can finnaly save the planet

Day 4, ∞ days from disaster

The world, is safe!

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