The old man.


I was walking alone in the darkness. When suddenly, before my eyes... I saw chaos. The sky had turned to a blue-ish black color. Waves of fire and water clashing. Wilted flowers and plants all around me. It felt like the world had fallen into dystopia, a glimse into what the future had in store for us. I had never despaired this much in my life. Suddenly, I saw an old man,growing some organic food and using what seemed to be eco-friendly packages, who said:"Us humans, so powerful, intelligent, cunning, and yet.. We destroy the planet, ourselves, and animals and plants. For what? So our children may live better lives? Nay, those are mere excuses, you do it for greed, money, and power. And while doing so, you destroy our children's future. Have you ever thought about the consequences of your own actions? You have been graced with the power of reasoning and intelligence, yet you throw it away to satisfy your instincts, hunger, money, power and greed. We do not own this planet, it's belongs to all living creatures.What will you do, boy? Will you help save the world, even if it's just by merely throwing garbage in the trash can, walking or using a bicycle instead of the cars and planes, that emit poison in the air. All of us humans are unique, each with our own skillsets that allow us to work together, strive and help each other to survive, if we truly wished to do so, we could easily save the planet and ourselves in mere years or decades. Or will you not do any of that? Will you succumb to your own interests of money, power, pride and greed, and destroy ourselves, animals and plants, and Earth itself? It's your choice. It all starts with one person. I hope you make the correct choice. "

After hearing his words, I felt enlightened. I picked up paint and a brush, and started painting the beautiful image before my eyes, an old man, surrounded by packages of vibrant purple and green fruits. My advice to the world, is to be solidary and to help each other in times of need. After all, if a measly weak old man can help save the world. Then imagine what we can do together.

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