The novel virus and its environmental impact



Corona the virus we all know as Covid 19 is the thing that has happened to the world which start from small place in china called Wuhan. This virus, a great and deadly doomsday struck our world with great force causing great harm to our environment. It had a great death tally leaving many traumatized.

Here are some of its environmental effects;

positive; It made our water go back to its default setting, that is clean and pure. Due to human activities like; pouring or littering industrial garbage into our water bodies, open defecation, washing clothes in riverine areas, mass fishing. Our waters have not been this clean since the time of our forefathers, our fish finally surviving from the savage hands of mankind and water poisoning drastically reducing from mass industrial waste.

  • Another positive effect of this virus was the shocking reduce of air pollution; before the advent of this virus our air was disgusting and dirty most times just walking through the streets of Sulije (Lagos state Nigeria) would make your insides burn of industrial fumes. But once the Covid got worse people fled the streets of Sulije leaving us with better air quality.

Also, the chemical smoke released from industries like NASCO company, KELLOGS limited, OMO DETERGENT COMPANY produced black fumes that purged our ozone layer causing its depletion and affecting global infection and health hazards, but as the virus ran riot it actually helped to restore our vital air feature.

  • The greatest effect of them all was the life population of our animals; most times we tend to enjoy ending the life of our animal species to satisfy our greed for meat and sadistic pleasure, I personally have watched as animals get murdered for fun for at most food, but this virus has disallowed for humans to leave their houses to annihilate animal population, these animals were free to roam about and do their normal activities, oh God what a site to see, the lions playing on the streets, the zebras multiplying by digits and the fear of extinction erased.
  • Here are some of the negative effects it had environmentally; The increase in biomedical waste generation, ever since the outbreak the has been a lethal biomedical issue, the production of medical waste rose a ton and there being issues with this material not disposed properly an issue arises.
  • Since the outbreak a significant amount of chemicals have been used to disinfect our environment as such ending the lives of untargeted species.

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