The green world

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It is not difficult or impossible to rebuild back greener. Simple behaviors are sufficient to become actions we willingly take . Through my artistic work, since art is inclusive and reaches bigger audience, I wanted to provide advice to all the people of the world because we must unite our efforts and as it is said " United we stand divided we fall". And I wanted my work to set the example, as I turned the caps of plastic bottles and the remains of cardboard into an artistic model instead of throwing them into nature. Saving the world is a necessity, not a choice, and here I took the initiative and I invite everyone to do so. In this, specially the people of my country, Tunisia, and all countries that have a similar climate, I invite them to utilize solar energy as much as possible, as it is renewable clean and sustainable energy that will make sustainable cities and countries and hopefully save us all.

Ps. I used a small solar panel to light up the middle of our Tunisian map.

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