The good future and the bad future.


Hello, I am gracious Apricot and today I will tell you about my project I have made.I hope you will enjoy.

IN my artwork I wanted to represent a good future on one side and a bad future on the otherI glued them tgether to emphasise the point.As you can not see the back of it here is the link.

The good future

As you can see in the image it shows a good future.This has:bicycles trees ,grass,clouds and good air quality.

I have put the bicycles to represent a way of more sustainable travel rather then using fossil fuels and cars.

The trees grass and clouds to show how the environment if being affected in a good way.

I have put the air because during the pandemic flights have been down by 75% reducing c02 emmision making the

air quality better.

Also, for creativity I put good future in the sun.

The bad future

In the url(shown above)with the picture you can see cars,trees being cut down and smoke for pollution.

I have included cars as this raises pollution in the air which makes air quality worse.Hence,there is smoke above it

for pollution.

There are also trees being cut down and this is bad for us as trees produce oxygen(o2).

Once again,for creativity I have put bad future in the rain cloud.

I hope my artwork has made people think more and care more for the environment.Eventhough, we might not be

able to help the environment all the time i want us to help it as much as we can as it is vital and crucial for us.

I hope you have enjoyed my piece

By Gracious_apricot

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