The future with Covid 19 and the future with climate change.

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The future with Covid 19 and the future with climate change.

We all know here that people don't interact with climate change as they interact with Covid 19, and this will affect the future with each of them, and the future will differ for each of them.

The future with Covid 19.

Scientists, people and governments devote all their concerns in this epidemic, people are diverging, and governments take decisions to close and ban, and scientists are trying with all their efforts to find a cure for it, so without a doubt the treatment of this epidemic will be certain, and the future with Covid 19 won't be as dangerous as people think.

The exact opposite is in our future with climate change.

The amount of ignorance and lack of knowledge about the dangers of climate change hurts our present and our future in particular, people's ignorance of these dangers makes governments, people and all groups not take measures or follow methods to limit climate change, climate change increases and expands due to two factors, the human factor and the natural factor, and also in my opinion there is another factor and It is people's ignorance, there are clear ways that protect the earth and protect our future, but people don't care about it, because people think that renewable energy doesn't provide what fossil fuels provide ,in Germany, more electricity is produced by renewable energy, so there are two different futures with climate change, one of them will happen, if the world countries follow renewable energy like Germany and stop using fossil fuels and increase agricultural lands, our future with climate change will be good because we will be able to overcome it and reduce it, the other future which is destroying life and the earth due to climate change, which will be caused by people remaining the same.

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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Ellen Kerslake Trainee @ Clifford Chance
    13 May 2021

    Hi enigmatic_technology, thanks for your post. I agree that Covid is a more short term issue than climate change. You talk about people being ignorant and not caring about climate change. While this may be true for some people, I think the issue is discussed a lot at the moment and most people want to help. Can you think of some reasons that people may want to help, but struggle to do so? For example, renewable energy being more expensive that other forms of power. What can we do to overcome this?

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