The Effects of COVID-19 on our Environment

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As a class, we have been discussing the latest issue: Building Back Greener. COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the world over the last 14 months in the UK. There are of course many negative points to the coronavirus pandemic, which more people take notice of, however there have been some positives too. There have been some good things happening for the world around us, especially for the environment.

Good for the environment

People living in the mountains - or nearby - have been able to see the peaks for the first time in a very long time. The smog, smoke and fume levels were lower during Lockdown, so the peaks were finally visible. This also made conditions better for explorers and climbers. Waters have become clearer than they have been in sixty years in some parts of the world, due to less pollution and waste being dumped into the seas during this time. Factories closed during Lockdown, which meant they were not producing as much pollution and waste gasses in the enviroment.

The Negative Side

Unfortunately, our everyday use of face masks is harming our planet. They are being littered and find their way into the oceans. This means more waste that does not biodegrade on our planet and animals can become caught up in the face masks. Breaking or cutting the ear straps can help but they are still a problem. As we start to come back out of Lockdown, the pollution levels are becoming worse again, causing the same problems that we had before. Factories are starting to reopen and are putting their pollution back out into our atmosphere. Not enough money from the government/taxes is being used to tackle this issue.

Knowing about how the enviroment could start to be impacted more negatively as we come out of Lockdown, our class has decided to try to discuss ways to help the environment more and do our bit to make ourselves "greener" and more aware of the things that impact the environment around us. Even little things such as getting a reusable/washable face mask rather than single-use masks that end up in the bin and then going to the dump can make a difference. We can try to ask our parents to walk or cycle more when we don't need to use a car, to keep pollution down (and keep ourselves fit and healthy!) There are lots of things we can do and as a class we can make a start to look after our planet.

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  • global-conversation.png energetic_tiger | Penwortham Girls' High School | United Kingdom
    07 May 2021

    I think that the pandemic has, overall, had a negative impact; it has killed millions, caused unemployment to increase massively, and that's just the start. However, saying that, it is clear that there have been some positives to come out of this. To begin, we have been able to physically see the horrifying impacts we have brought upon our planet. I think that for many, it has been a massive eye-opener into just how badly our planet has been suffering due to our selfish actions. Moreover, it has highlighted that if an issue is important, and substantial enough, then people can completely change their entire lifestyles almost instantly. And so, we are left to wonder why this hasn't happened when it comes to climate change. Global warming is debatably just-as, if not more, of a concerning issue as COVID-19, making us ask why these urgent changes haven't been made already. Due to the virus, we have been able to see, that together, making changes, even small ones, makes such a significant difference. Our planet is dying, and we're to blame. We need to act now.

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