Building back greener looks like a happy universe because man’s action no longer causes harm rather it has fixed the earth. Everyone including you and I have the power to help fight climate change if we do the right thing (solar energy, solar cars and stop building on water ways to avoid flooding or erosion, plant eco-friendly crops). Building back greener is important to me because the earth holds a lot of things like the animals, plants and humans so need to protect it from environmental degradation. It is important to my country because the earth is full of many things hence we need to protect ourselves and help Earth fight climate change.

My art work shows a happy earth where cross pollination by insects is possible, people now use solar sources of power/energy, proper management of waste and use of organic manure instead of chemical fertilizers when planting crops to serve as food for man, feed for animals and stop overgrazing by animals so that the soil which is top most layer of the earth crust will not be destroyed.

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