The darkness in which people live.

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The darkness in which people live.

The earth is now in a battle with two parties, "Covid 19 and climate change".

Here it is now fighting Covid 19 with all its might, the world is afraid and is not controlling itself, you can see people diverging and abide by the procedures, and go to the markets to buy what you need to stick to the ban period, there We also see the government imposing new measures every day : “All citizens must stick to the home during this period, please adhere to the health protocol.”

We also hear that scientists are looking hard to find a vaccine for Covid 19, “Did you hear that?What? Scientists and doctors have found a vaccine for Covid 19, finally we will live in peace and return to our normal life. "

Now let's see how the world acts with the other side, which is climate change, all people : " What are the latest developments of Covid 19? ", "Have you heard that there are spikes of the epidemic coming from different countries and they say they are dangerous and fatal? "

Governments: "Climate change threatens the world and we must fight it."

We see people fighting climate change either with words only, or ignoring it.

This is how history will be written about the life of the world they are living in at the present time, or rather, if the world remains like this, will there be history to write all this and present it to future generations?

Are there future generations?

Questionable, will they regret what they do?

Will they finally realize that climate change is dangerous?

Will it be too late?

Did Sidroken finally that the scholars were right?

Clear solutions before their eyes, talk a lot about it, never mention it again.

The world is now about to fall without them realizing it.

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