The Corona pandemic,the enemy of climate change.

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The Corona pandemic, the enemy of climate change
When I saw some satellite images and noticed a significant decrease in emissions of harmful gases, as happened in industrially developed countries, I felt some hope about not a very worrisome problem, which is climate change, and it occurred to my mind that suddenly this positive change did not come from a vacuum but was a virus Corona and the home quarantine is the reason
Therefore, I will hold a dialogue with it today to learn about its positives, so let's start !!
Me: Hello
Coronavirus: Hello
Me: Coronavirus, we started getting to know you at the end of 2019 and it appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan and began to spread in the world
Corona virus: It is true, I did not publish on my own, but your failure to comply with the preventive measures from me was the first reason for my spread in this way. If you had followed the procedures, all of this would not have happened.
Me: It's really unfortunate, most of the world's inhabitants mention your negatives and overlook your positives, so today I will give you a chance to defend yourself in front of the world, but I want you to mention your positives towards the environment in particular, please.
Coronavirus: This makes me happy when it invaded the world and people started closing doors and homes on themselves and isolating themselves from their surroundings. The environment breathed a sigh of relief and gradually improved, so the rate of climate change decreased.
Me: Can you explain how you have affected the harmful emissions that have a major role in climate change?
Coronavirus: First, in major industrial cities, the rate of harmful gas emissions has decreased dramatically
Me: How low are these emissions roughly?
Coronavirus: Economic activity and aviation are the main cause of harmful gas emissions and increased global warming, but after my coming, they limited their impact, and it is said that this decrease in emissions is the largest compared to previous declines.
Me: I mention some countries where there has been a significant reduction in harmful emissions
Corona virus: For example, in China, the rate of air pollution and nitrogen oxides decreased due to the stoppage of factories, and this was explained by the pictures published by NASA. In India, a study by the British website Carbon Brave reports that the rate of carbon dioxide emissions has decreased for the first time in four decades.
During the month of March it decreased by about 15%, and by 30% in April. Globally, studies by the German Potsdam Institute for Climate Research showed that carbon emissions decreased by 8.8% in the first half of 2020, and carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 1.6 billion tons in the aforementioned period compared to the same period in 2019.
I :
Surely this good drop saved the lives of many people Do you have an idea about their percentage
Vero Corona: The World Health Organization estimates that about seven million people die annually due to climate change and pollution
Me: Oh my God, it's a lot
Coronavirus: Therefore, global efforts must multiply and unite to solve this worrisome problem.
The world is now focusing on solving my problem, and we do not know when the problem will end. Suppose it lasted for years. Will we leave the climate change problem until my problem ends? Of course the risks will multiply
Me: We leave this answer to the scholars and experts, and thank you for this valuable dialogue
Coronavirus: Thank you, you, for finding an opportunity to defend myself

In front of you, what do you think of what I have said?

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    22 Apr 2021

    A creative way of looking at this issue, open_knowledge. There has been so many consequences of the pandemic and some positives for the environment too. It feels so tragic that such a horrendous virus has been needed for these positives to begin to occur. It's also worth noting that even if all the best procedures had been followed in every country around the world, there would have still been some transmission. Plus, many did not know what the best procedures were at the beginning of the pandemic.

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  • global-conversation.png open_knowledge | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    22 Apr 2021

    I agree with you!!
    At the beginning, many did not know about the best measures to confront the Corona virus, but there was a huge amount of awareness that occurred in most countries about ways to prevent Corona virus, as we saw the measures that must be adhered to on television, social media, signs in the streets and seminars .... However, failure to adhere to these measures played a major role in spreading the virus, and I will support my words with evidence
    For example, in the country of Sweden, it did not adopt a policy of quarantine or declaring a state of emergency, but rather a policy of social distancing, and because of the response of its population to the herd immunity and preventive measures, it did not out of control in the intensive care units in the country and the medical staff was not exhausted and the death rate was less compared to other European countries
    But for example, the country of Italy did not move quickly enough to engage in social separation and blockade measures, and the elderly were mixing greatly with the youth, and despite the closure, it was one of the European countries that suffered the largest number of injuries. And recorded deaths
    Thus, she clarified that the reason for the spread was not due to people's ignorance of the procedures, but because of their lack of commitment to them

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