Solar power


Solar power is one of the most indispensable sources of clean, renewable energy in the world

1. It produces heat

2. Filters the air

3. generates electricity

The sun is a catalyst for many of the reactions that occur in nature on earth, such as photosynthesis

What do you think?! What will happen to the world if the sun disappears 🤔

The sun collects its rays into anothe from of energy, including electricity

There are based on a lot of nonrenewable resources that are that are going to end oneday

I think that reducing the use of nonrenewable resources will save the world a lot of money

That heralded global warming

It's very important to use the Cod_given solar energy to get the power that has become the renewable life bloated

Solar energy is the promiseing future for industry , the environment , and the sources environment, and the sources of income for some countries inEurope and Germany

Will he ever come and run out of nonrenewable resources?!

Will the sun die?!

the whole world coing to be depending on solar energy alone?!

Gam we really on the solar power a bove cove the world?!

Will depending on ener from the sun affects the pure of the environment?!

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