Safer Generations

Building back greener should look like a healthy green ecosystem, all of them have the power to build back greener but i think the one that has the most power is the individuals because they are more and can influence themselves to build back greener, my artwork is showing this that there is a man down there cutting down a tree while the other man on a ladder is plucking fruits from the tree and telling the man down to stop cutting the tree because he might have nowhere else to get this fruit for free and that the tree is providing them with oxygen.

Building back greener is importnt for me because , the trees will provide me with oxygen and fruits. and very important for my country because it save us from climate change, and gives us good enlightment of better ways we can interact with our environment.

Our generations would not be safe if people keep cutting down trees because trees provide us with oxygen which is good for us, and even if we must cut down trees, we should also plant them back in same amounts because it is safer for our generations.

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