Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy

Every day the pollution situation on Earth gets worse. With Eco-friendly energy we can change this problem. In this article I will be talking about different types of eco-friendly energy and their pros and cons with detailed points about each one.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy uses solar panels and uses them to power up items that need electricity. This is a very good system as it uses the sun, our natural source of light, and it makes it more useful for the long run. In tropical countries, this would one of the best ideas as there it is mostly sunny and would help those countries a lot; in a country like England however things aren’t so bright here as often. This means that Solar energy is either seasonal or regional. The cost of solar energy sky rocketed 10 years ago and used to be much more expensive than it is now. However, it is still expensive so it isn’t the best option for green energy

eg. China, Italy, Germany.

Wind Energy

Wind energy uses wind turbines to create energy. I’d say this way of making energy is more much more attested than solar. Wind turbines are very big but if you have a field of them on a windy day, lots of electricity will be made for lots of houses and buildings around a specific vicinity.

eg. China,Colombia,Croatia

Tidal Energy

Tidal energy, as suggested by the name, is energy created from tides/waves. This type of energy is definitely regional as not every place is having the ocean e.g. Poland. Tides and waves form a natural source of kinetic energy. This makes it easier to make energy out of it.

eg.South Korea,Canada,Wales


In conclusion, there are different types of energy that are better than others in some places; meaning using a variety of them around the world could stop fossil fuels from being used a lot which could help the Earth.

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  • Cyfarthfa Park Primary logo compelling_leopard | Cyfarthfa Park Primary A
    27 May 2021

    I agree, if we could all take these different types of energy on board then we will all be doing our bit to save the earth!
    The difficult question is that there are some places that cannot benefit from different types of energy so how then do we ensure that they do not continue to burn fossil fuels?

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  • Cyfarthfa Park Primary logo tough_information | Cyfarthfa Park Primary A
    27 May 2021

    We should start investing more into renewable energy as it doesn't harm our environment as with fossil fuels, when we burn them they produce gases bad for our environment like CO2 and Carbon Monoxide. They destroy and erode our ozone layer which makes it easier for heat to get trapped in our atmosphere which intern heats our planet and makes it harder to grow crops.

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