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How could where someone lives affect their opinion about “building back greener”?

Top tips:

  • To help, you should think about the answers to these questions: can you see the effects of climate change where you live? How?
  • We want to hear about your experience where you live. The best comments will answer the question and explain why your experiences have led to your opinion.
  • A cluster conversation is small group of 30 schools that you will get to know really well. Try to reply to other people, ask questions about their answers and learn more about what life is like where they live.
  • A new cluster conversation question will be posted every Monday.
  • You can use this to help start your answer, "People's opinion about "building back greener" could be affected by where they live because... Where I live..."

Comments (9)

  • global-conversation.png free_sparrow | Rimal Prep Girls School C | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    04 May 2021

    Place affects ofcourse because some of us lives in the deserts and some in jungle So the affected of build back green depends on them.
    In my opinion all efforts should gather to build back green to all environments.

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    1. Alice.jpg EXPERT: Alice Raine, Senior Associate @ Clifford Chance
      free_sparrow's comment 05 May 2021

      Hi Free_Sparrow - you mention that whether you live in a desert or jungle would impact their opinion on building back greener. What difference do you think this would make?

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  • global-conversation.png delightful_pineapple | Jamaica College | Jamaica
    04 May 2021

    A person's location affects their opinion about a 'greener' environment because it could be affecting their life in a negative way and some may see climate change as a hazard or a great opportunity to change that. For example, A person living in a country where there is a lot of landfill ,the climate is generally hot (in this case me) would have a more powerful drive to change the climate and make it better and assist to make that happen. Not everyone has that opinion however, some may think climate change and living greener may not have any impact on themselves or others. I think it is all down to personal preference.

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    1. global-conversation.png accurate_meerkat | Rimal Prep Girls School C | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      delightful_pineapple's comment 06 May 2021

      Your comment is totally right my dearest friend .These are a logical points thanks. I think this is really a solution.

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  • global-conversation.png accurate_meerkat | Rimal Prep Girls School C | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    06 May 2021

    In my opinion , I think covid19 took all the consideration and interest , people just read about it , try not to be infected. This is because it was a sudden matter.

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  • global-conversation.png admirable_writer | Rimal Prep Girls School C | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    06 May 2021

    I think that in Palestine (Gaza) the green environment is affected by climate change, as I am accustomed to Palestine's temperate climate, which has now become somewhat dry, for example, last winter. We did not see rain or a drop in temperature like previous years, as the rains were few and the temperatures were normal as well. The lack of agricultural land due to the increase in population and the lack of residential areas, forcing some people to build on agricultural land to expand, so green life dies.

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  • Cheam Park logo hardworking_nature | Cheam Park Farm Primary
    06 May 2021

    Where someone lives actually does affect 'building back greener' because if you live in a higher tier than others then you will miss out on opportunities to saves the environment. Some examples can be,planting new trees,protesting for a change and using reusable energy. Also as corona virus continues to spread, citizens become extremely idle to make a change and support the environment. Many people are saying that they want back their daily lives and have been struggling for one and a half years however the environment has been struggling to cope with the burning of fossil fuels and the chopping of trees for more than decades.A change is needed and that will happen now.

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  • global-conversation.png creative_cliff | Jamaica College | Jamaica
    06 May 2021

    To broach the subject of how your geographical location may affect your opinion about "building back greener", we, first of all, must evaluate certain countries' opinions of the urgency to limelight climate change as a threat. Many countries have expressed some heartrending views about climate change, either asserting that it is a doomsday clock - ticking slowly but surely to an end - or not a menace at all. Let's ponder, "What are some of the countries that have tremendous responsibilities in lowering greenhouse emissions?"

    Lo and behold, the G20 countries, banding together to sort out global economic issues and instigating dynamism in countries. Moreover, these are the countries that are contributing the most to climate change with their overwhelming magnitudes of CO2 emissions. And of course, some of the members' citizens lack the solicitude to be alarmed about the creeping effects of climate change; but, all countries should share the same initiative in inciting a screeching halt to the incessant melting of the ice caps, rising of the sea levels, desertification, famine, health implications, etc. But hey, the G20 is not the bad guys. They are helping by reducing their emissions. Although, since they are financially and technologically able, it is gobsmacking to hear that they are off track to meet calculated emission targets.

    In Jamaica, there are mechanical revolvers that disrupt the cost-effective usage of electricity and dispel toxic fumes into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. I placed a finger on it in a past remark where I announced that Jamaica mostly relies on this colossal mechanical revolver that powers our electric lines. Countries in the tropics should be most alarmed about this situation; but, amidst the cranking of the stove, we are tackling a less powerful behemoth called Covid19. Living in the country, I can say that Jamaica is not alarmed about matters concerning climate change. Likewise, 'building back greener' in my country is rather a tamed process that is somewhat under the radar. However, I'm sure tropical countries like Indonesia is going through the wringer and facing the brunt of it.

    For example, there is a current issue where their country's capital, Jakarta, is sinking. It is sinking because they didn't have clean water readily available and so they resorted to espousing long metal pipes that soak groundwater from the natural aquifers below. Notably, this constant snaffling of water sank the land. Aquifers, however, can be replenished with rainwater. But, because of the modernization and concrete-ground infrastructures, rainwater is blocked from the soil, which once allowed it to seep in and restore clean water. Indonesia will be alarmed in regards to climate change because, in addition to the sinking, the rise in sea levels will expedite the process of Jakarta becoming a South-East Asian Atlantis. Ultimately, this case in point example shows what circumstances will propel people to propose prospects in 'building back greener'. Russia would be on the upending end of the spectrum because they are above sea level, export natural gas for economic growth and generally it is not dramatically affected by climate change.

    I reckon 'building back greener' is not only determined by natural circumstances but a country's effort to sustain good weather, promote clean air, reduce the melting of ice caps, etc. Finland is not particularly scared of climate change. Its citizens and government just want to promote a healthier future. Above all, natural circumstances, as well as a concerned and concerted effort, can affect your initiative to 'building back greener'.

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    1. global-conversation.png considerate_turbine | Jamaica College | Jamaica
      creative_cliff's comment 08 May 2021

      I believe that where you live and where you grew up has a major effect on someone's opinions and their perspective on building back greener. For instance, countries that have a lot of Co2 emissions such as China and America would have different regards for climate change and global warming, due to the way in which majority of the people living there would have grown and adapted to a lifestyle which is in the means of causing harm to the environment. As a result their thoughts and opinions on building back greener would be different to someone living in a place with a lower carbon footprint.

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