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As long as there are money and power forces that are in control, much of the climate change issue will remain unresolved because companies, factories, and influential people will not focus on the environment, so profit is what matters.
But a candle lit in the dark is better than nothing.
Maybe our little group is the nucleus of something great.
An idea that grows in our small minds and is nurtured with some interest in the world, and in our turn we pass it on to those around us from here, we will make something even simple that may change the world later.
I believe that we are all here, through this cycle, interested in something that we did not pay attention to.
And here we are until we are looking for solutions, and perhaps in the near future, we will be the sponsors of the green research.
Much appreciation and respect for this project, for which we are proud that we are one of its members and whose sponsors you are.
Let's be the nucleus of build back greener .

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  • global-conversation.png friendly_bell | Parbati Ma Vi. | Nepal
    30 Apr 2021

    I really appreciate your idea . People around the world at present have been money minded and they are careless about the world and the climate . Unless we go on recycling the resources we can not preserve them for future . It is necessary for us to work tofether , with good planning and we can save our climate.

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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Ben Cooper Trainee @ Clifford Chance
    04 May 2021

    Thank you for your article unconventional_sparrow and for your comment friendly_bell. You mention that profit has been the focus of companies, and that this has been at the expense of environmental issues. Can you research about how a company caring about ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues may lead to an increase in the company's long term profits?

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    1. global-conversation.png unconventional_sparrow | Jabalia Prep C School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      Ben Cooper Trainee @ Clifford Chance's comment 04 May 2021

      Thank you very much for this comment and your question is good. Yes, there in Accra, the capital of Ghana, the torrential rains caused deaths, destroyed homes and increased the risk of malaria and waterborne diseases such as cholera. If officials in these countries designed better water infrastructure such as bridges and drainage channels They can benefit from the experience of the small industrial city of Pompeo in Colombia, where green infrastructure was used to alleviate floods and torrents. Instead of paved roads, green, porous roads are replaced by facilitating water entry through them and thus significantly reduce the risk of floods forming on The local level. Low-cost vegetative areas require simple technology drawn from the nature of the area.

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