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Building back better!

I have created an art work about a city turning green this might look like buildings that are green but on the inside of my city climate change isnt such a huge problem.

Building back green might not be easy to show But If I had my own world Climate change

Would be very easy. People would eat less meat and fish and less things that live in the ocean.

There would be less cars and less fossil fuels since people would take less transport that include less fuels.

In my world there would be less plastic and if they wanted to you plastic it would only be for packaging they would use other materials to do things with it Play reduced things such as metal, wood and more materials that would help the environment.

In my world, it should look like Everyone is doing their thing, making small changes to have a big impact on climate change.

Climate change is a huge thing to fight and we all need to gather up as a team and help beat climate change.

On the top of my picture I have written a quote by Greta Thumberg why?

I have written this quote to remind my town that all they have to do is wake u and change something that will help their environment and help us beat climate change for example they could use less plastic bags and maybe switch to other materials such as fabric, paper and more other materials that help the environment.

The main reason why I drew the building was to show that my town has built back greener and build back better!

Thank you again burnet news club for this global convosation.

Have a great day everyone.

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