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Building on the challendge for this week task,which is to write a rule asks us what to rule we would make to build back the economy in less than 50 words,which I found very hard so I decided to make a post in however many words I want...

or my econmy

So with a bit of research I found out that since April we only have 11 years and 9 months until we cant go back from climate change, which is VERY scary for us young people. For me I felt upset and angry because this isnt the children's fault and why should we have to deal with that but then I realised that is what the Adults mean by this is our future and the only people who can make a chang us!

This leads us to my rule.Thinking of these facts I cant just say 'oh no throwing plastic bottles on the floor' and then just finish their because that is not the root of the problem. For example: When you bick a weed from its top and not by the root it grows right back and starts being a weed again but if you pick the weed from the root it solves the whole problem.

So that is a bit of my understanding on what my rule is going to be like and what I want my rule to affect on what will happen to the Earth or my Econmy.

To conclude this finally my rule is to start your day clean. For examlpe: Get up in the morning; brush your teeth; take a shower and go down stairs for breakfast where it starts, now as you take your plate you can say to yoursekf to not use paper plates and instead you can us eyour normal glass plates!

I believe that if everybody made descions like this then...WHAT A WORLD WE LIVE IN!

Thank you for reading!!!!


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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    20 May 2021

    Thanks for your post, adaptable_beetle! Was it meant to be a competition entry? If so, make sure you add it to the competition page otherwise it won't be counted!

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