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Does Climate Change affects our lives the same way Covid-19 does?

Everyone who knows a lot about Climate Change will definetly know that it really and truely affects the lives of our wildlife all over the world but it's quite rare for it to affect the lives of humans the same way that it affects animals but it does affect our everyday lives and changes the way we live. For example people don't waste water and electricity anymore, people pick up litter and use less plastic, people also try to sometimes walk, cycle or scoott to school ectra. Although people try to save our planet by making big changes as well but when it comes to Covid-19 everybody will follow all of the rules and make sure that the virus dosen't get spread. People act so quickly and really want thsi illness to end but even when people act with climate change they don't really care for it to finish ASAP (as soon as possible) but when they really see how badly it affects animals and how animals are losing their homes and families they begin to realize that humans lives can get easier by doing things that make animals' lives much harder.

If We Act

In my opinion if humans act to Climate Change the same way they act to Covid-19 they might actually the lives of humans and animals because Climate Change might cause the end of the Earth and that doesn't just mean the end of wildlife but also humanity. I also think with Coronavirus in the air as well it's much harder for us to because the air is also polluted so if we make changes for both humans and animals we might suprise ourselves with Covid-19 ending and Climate Change ending so we can conrinue to live our lives with our beloved Planet the great EARTH!!!

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