My Final Piece-Building Back Greener.


eager_reflection here,

My artwork shows the Earth (in the shape of a coronavirus molecule). One side is barren, with lifeless trees. This could be a result of us not tackling climate change. The other side is greener and luscious, with cleaner seas and vibrant life. There is a syringe, and it is filled with a vaccine to stop climate change. It is rainbow coloured to represent the NHS. The vial shows what makes the vaccine, with various ideas that can help stop climate change. It shows that if we all tackle climate change together, then we can help slow and eventually find a solution to stop climate change, with the same urgency as we did with the coronavirus pandemic. Like in the pandemic, we all need to work together.

Thank you for reading.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    27 May 2021

    Very visually striking, eager_reflection, and well done for incorporating both the pandemic, climate change and building back greener!

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  • Weston-Favell-logo-250x250.jpg terrific_chocolate | Weston Favell Academy
    30 May 2021

    I really like the way that you drew the earth as a Covid-19 shape but I have one question for you eager_reflection. Do you think all people would like to Build Back Greener and if not how are you going to influence them?

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