My Final Peice


I believe building back greener should look like us as a country coming together trying our hardest to protect our planet. A couple harms we could protect them from are, non-recyclable plastics, horrible toxics, climate change, factory gasses, petrol or diesel and much more. Anyone and everyone has the power to help but I will say I think some people have more power than others. Building back greener to me, is quite important as without a green world then we wouldnt have the trees for air nor food for people; life would become really unhealthy to live in.

For my Final peice today I tried to use as many recycled materials as possible:

  • used newspaper,
  • old yarn and thred,
  • tissue paper from past gifts.

My art today is meant to show an asteroid of harmful toxics coming towards earth but the other planet joined earth and helped it create a wall to block the asteroid from hitting them.

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