Look through the eyes of planet earth

My picture says look through the eyes of planet Earth becasue sometimes before you do something that is not environmentaly friendly think how the Earth would feel. For example if you cut down a tree, litter or hurt an animal think of how the world will feel about it. Doing these things is not making the Earth happy it is making it sad.

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  • global-conversation.png trustworthy_editor | Dawhyenya Methodist Basic School B | Ghana
    27 May 2021

    Planet Earth is not feeling comfortable, because of some human activities such as using of fossil fuel,deforestation and high rate of plastic usage had make planet Earth unhappy.But if we are responsible for all this act, then we can do most to reduce the plluting of the environment such as afforestation that is planting of trees so that our exhale air will be inhaled by plant to aid them in preparing their food and in return exhale out oxygen for human beings and animals to inhale further more we should adopt the use of green transport and public transport to reduce the amount of polluting of the greenhouse and also recycle our plastic waste with the use of modern machines because,plastic waste contains toxic chemicals which when release into water bodies is harmful to aquatic lives and can also lead to global warming.

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