Life with Covid-19 and after Covid-19


Life can be restored to normal through the commitment of everyone first to safety measures until the end of this epidemic, God willing, the mosques, schools, institutions and universities will return to normal without fear and anxiety from this epidemic, but we must not forget that we keep keeping our bodies and hands clean all the time and through awareness. And conduct awareness seminars urging the protection and advancement of society and the adoption of healthy behavior, which is wearing gloves when leaving the house and how to use the muzzle safely, avoiding handshakes and babysitting, and so life will become more sophisticated and safe And stabilizer . Covid-19 had an impact on my country in several aspects, including: the closure of schools, so education became electronic, affecting the degree of understanding and comprehension of students, and it also affected institutions and became permanently closed. My country has imposed the declaration of emergency situations on hospitals, the closure of shops, and restrictions on the movement of vehicles and people.This led to a decrease in the number of infections and the lack of a significant spread of the virus.

In Palestine :

Where the number of injuries before adherence to the preventive measures was 520342, and after adherence to the procedures 314869.

And upon the completion of Covid-19, life will return to the beautiful as it was, students will return to schools, social relations and visits will be restored, and prayer will return in mosques.

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