Let's invent to protect the environment!

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The world has noticed a clear change in the environment and the climate, especially in recent decades, and thus the environmental burden and responsibilities on the world's population has increased according to their different countries and the type of environment in them.
It can be said that he raised the alarm
And we must all direct our attention and our thinking clearly (and I will not say completely because there are other problems that want solutions) to solve this global problem and the first steps that most of the world's population can take is to acknowledge the existence of the problem, then define it, diagnose and limit its aspects, and then start developing solutions And suggestions for solving them When we hear suggestions and solutions to an environmental problem, large and global proposals come to our minds that include several countries. This is correct, but also simple solutions that anyone can do will have a positive effect.
Such as recycling simple things like using ice cream sticks for decoration is better than throwing them out and using cloth shopping bags instead of plastic bags.
These simple solutions, if they increase and multiply, and most of the world's population becomes implementing them, it will make a clear difference more than the global proposals, so do not underestimate your abilities to reduce climate change and protect the environment.
Now I will use one of the simple solutions, but it will be a slightly different solution, as it is moral and not material, and it is represented in thinking, creativity, imagination and invention.
I thought about some suggestions that could be applied in the future to protect the environment and reduce the climate, namely:
1.Machines can be invented that identify all forms of energy in a place and produce electrical energy from them, and there is no place where there is no energy because the energy does not perish , but it is transformed from one form to another.
So the harmful emissions from burning fossil fuels are reduced
2.A machine can be invented that absorbs all harmful gases such as greenhouse gases and turns them into oxygen and useful gases because this reduces harmful gases to the environment that increase global warming and acid rain
3.A robot can be invented that converts any form of renewable energy into electrical energy, thus reducing the harmful emissions resulting from burning fossil fuels in generators, and we do not have to use different machines for each form of renewable energy.
4.We can invent a machine that takes all materials harmful to the environment that are not degradable, such as plastic, and turns them green, environmentally friendly, and thus we reduce the pollutants to the environment and reduce climate change
5.The food waste can be converted instantly into natural fertilizer that is beneficial to the trees, because the world wastes nearly 900 million tons of food, so we reduce the amount of harmful waste to the environment that is used daily around the world and support vegetation.
6.I can invent a plane that runs on solar energy because airplanes and factories are the main sources of harmful gases in the world and because this will greatly reduce harmful emissions and reduce climate change and fuel consumption.
7. we can invent flexible solar cells, using houses from all directions, as these cells generate electrical energy that powers the devices inside them, meaning every building generates its own energy
This will reduce the plastic materials (wires) and the harmful emissions resulting from burning fossil fuels in generators.
Some inventions may be impossible to happen now, but they may happen in the distant future, for example, ten centuries ago, people did not think that sound and images could be transmitted from one place to another and it was impossible, but this exists now as in television and phones.
Regarding my country, I think that it is difficult to implement such inventions in it because of the lack of capabilities and means and the low level of development, but in developed countries and due to the tremendous development in them, we may hear after recent years that one of them has applied these inventions and achieved positive results
do you agree with me ??

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