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I believe all continent that has witnessed a change in the climate, and all country that has witnessed negative impacts from the environment. We do not deny that this serious problem occurred because of people and their harmful activities such as industries and the harmful gases they produce and substances harmful to the environment that are not subject to degradation, as well as means of transport such as cars and airplanes.
This necessitates us to find solutions to this global problem
As if the land was saying to its inhabitants: That is enough !! I'm tired ! I Cant Handle This! You caused me to fall into these calamities and you will get me out of them
That is, as you make a mistake, you will correct your mistake!
Therefore, we must intensify our efforts, whether international efforts or global efforts to find solutions to climate change
In a previous publication, I mentioned beautiful ideas to reduce climate change, and it was limited to green transport, green works and renewable energy sources. Now I will present ideas about green research and helping nature to reduce climate change, we can, for example:
1- Invention of machines that work like trees, so they take carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, and this will be more beneficial than trees because they do not need care and will not take a long time to grow , and they will not be exposed to diseases that afflict trees.
2. The invention of a machine that transforms food waste instantly into natural fertilizer because nearly 900 million tons of food are wasted annually around the world, so this is added to garbage and increases it and thus increases pollution, but if it turns into fertilizer, this will support trees and plants with nutrients and minerals and make nature more prosperous It reduces pollution.
3. Defining the environmental problems that increase climate change and then restricting them to one file, and then we develop solutions and proposals suitable for most countries to solve those problems by experts and then start implementing those suggestions and this will be on a global scale that includes many and many countries affected by climate change
We must take this important step because admitting a mistake, then diagnosing it, limiting it and finding solutions to it is part of solving the problem.
4. Using artificial intelligence and directing it to service in this field. Scientists and inventors can invent advanced artificial intelligence robots that can help them and experts to find solutions to reduce climate change.
5. Making the materials that we use on a daily basis from green materials that are environmentally friendly and subject to decomposition. For example, the papers on which we write can be made with a mixture of dry tree leaves or a mixture of flour, water, gypsum and gum. Art paintings can also be made with dry tree leaves, thus we will greatly reduce the harmful substances In the non-degradable environment
In these ways, we will significantly reduce climate change, and there will be clear positive impacts on the environment, and all the world's inhabitants will notice this.
And because my country is not at a level of great development, I think that these measures are somewhat difficult to implement here. We have here, but in developed countries such as the United States of America and Britain, this will be possible.
And you shared your opinion, can your country take these measures ?? How will you implement it ?? And are there more advanced measures are you suggest it and can your country do it? ??

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