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Hello !!
In recent decades we have witnessed a clear change in the climate and the environment, but unfortunately it was negative, leaving negative effects on all aspects of life, for example, the melting of ice occurred in the Arctic and there are many plants and animals that are threatened with extinction, such as the wild deer in my country, Palestine.
This urgently requires us to intensify efforts, whether international efforts or local efforts to confront this serious problem. For example, there are many countries that have directed from non-renewable energy sources that renewable energy sources
Such as Germany, which plans to have 100% of its use of solar energy by 2050, as well as the country of Denmark, which produces a third of its electricity needs by wind energy. In the country of China, the (Three Corridor Dam) is one of the largest electric power plants using water, but we as students do not have Sufficient means and methods to bring about such a big change, but with simple things we can bring about a positive change towards that issue, which has become one of the most serious challenges facing the earth.
Now I will present to you some of the procedures that I am thinking of taking in my country because they suit me and suit my country, for example I can:
1 - With the help of our teachers in the school, we can create projects that support renewable energy sources, for example, a project can be created under the title (To befriend the environment and fight pollution) and that project urges students to create games that work on solar energy
For example, a student can build a car for children that runs on solar energy, another builds robots that run on solar energy, and another makes a fan that works on that energy. And from my point of view that solar energy is one of the easiest sources of renewable energy that students can exploit
2. We support the idea of ​​recycling everywhere, for example in my house I can use transparent plastic cups to make the chandelier and put colored lights inside it, this gives it a very beautiful appearance, and I really did that and the result was really amazing !! I can also take the eggshells and break them small and then color them And stick them next to each other and create beautiful art paintings to decorate the house
In another way, we can, for example, take plastic water bottles and stick them next to each other firmly and cover them with pieces of sponge and cloth, and it will become a very beautiful chair or table that we put everywhere and we can control its size according to the number of bottles
In the school, teachers can support the idea of ​​recycling by allocating places to put recyclable materials, for example in place (A) to throw papers and place (B) to throw leftovers of food and fruits and place (S) to throw empty pens and plastic materials
Then some students volunteer to recycle it and take away the leftovers
And they make natural fertilizer from it for trees and take the leaves and decorate the walls of the school by coloring them in beautiful shapes and sticking them beautifully.
3. We can also create cultural seminars and presentations about the environment and climate change with the help of our teachers to increase environmental awareness among students and their families and create flyers and banners that we stick in the school and the neighborhood and we cooperate with the municipality to create initiatives to clean the streets and decorate them with trees and flowers
4- We can communicate with school students outside my country and get acquainted with them about the problems that cause climate change for them and the appropriate solutions for their country and thus increase the environmental culture of both parties like what is happening here in the global conversation.
In this way, our activities beneficial to the environment helped us to communicate with society and the outside world and gained us many skills such as cooperation, taking responsibility, thinking and creativity.
I provided those procedures that suit me and my country and may be appropriate for many of you
And the low level of development in my country may limit the activities that he can do in this field, but you do not have this objection.
So share with us your ideas and what are the environmental activities that you can do in your country to building back greener ??

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