Is there a reason why we aren’t taking action on Climate Change compared to Covid 19?

Hi everyone!It’s mirthful_rainforest rainforest today. I will be asking the question “Is there a reason why we aren’t taking action on Climate Change compared to Covid 19?”Below is my response to this question.I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions or you want to add something to the conversation you can just put it down below.Now without further adieu here’s my response.

I think this question is actually such a good one to discuss with everyone because it really makes you ask is there an actually good reason for us not dealing with Climate Change or do the people in power just want to give more and more excuses .Both Covid-19 and Climate change are both global crises but yet we have done more for one than the other one.People will argue that we have ‘more time’ with Climate change but i would have to strongly disagree with that because even though we had so many opportunities and so much time to stop the spread of Covid 19 it ended up hitting every country and city.That doesn’t mean it won’t happen with Climate change.It has already affected small islands like the Marshall Islands and many other small developing islands & countries .Things like heavy tides and aggressive storms have already done so much damage to these devolving countries.Such as tear down buildings,homes have caused people to die and their family members to die and it has gotten rid of their only food source.Just because we don’t see it happening where we live it doesn’t mean it won’t happen here or isn’t already currently happening.So the excuse of that we have time annoys me because the only thing that is happening to time is that we keep losing more and more of it.Plastic keeps ending up in seas.The air has been filling up more and more with heavy amounts of gases like Carbon Dioxide. We don’t have much time left the people in power keep saying we have a bit more time left but before we know it that time will fly bye and we will regret the times where we could reverse the earth’s atmosphere.And so when the next Generation comes they will be the ones born into this world unable to fix the mistakes we’ve made and will have to live in this beautiful world we’ve destroyed.So i know some people aren’t caring as much about Climate change because they think we have ‘time’.But the sad reality is that we don’t have enough time but those in power keep on trying to keep our hopes high so that they’re seen as “good” and “smart” people.Those in power won’t do anything unless we force them to.So to no we don’t have time.

Another reason is that they think it’s “not that serious” that isn’t the case at all as you’ve seen it on the news that thousand of sea creature have died because of the high amount of plastic in the ocean.To add to this the ice in Antarctica is melting at an alarming speed .So if anything this is one of the most important things we need to focus on.Along with other things like Homeless people and world hunger.And like i said in the last paragraph people have died and suffered because of Climate Change and they’re still suffering right now as we speak.Climate Change is nothing to laugh and joke about because if we don’t act quick enough more people and more people will die.We already have enough problems as it is and so we’re just adding more and more problems.So the fact that people aren’t taking this seriously like it’s some joke is both disgusting and disappointing.The people with a high status and those in power have both the money and platform to start doing something about Climate change they don’t have much of an excuse do they?And yes I understand that we can’t solve all of the problems in the world in one day but we’ve had plenty of time to ease Climate Change and if you compare this to Covid 19, we thought it was going to affect us but it did and we could’ve done something about it quicker.What would happen if that’s what happens with Covid 19. This is why I’m asking you guys if you think there’s a good enough excuse now for them not to take action.

Thank you for reading my response and my thoughts on this question.Have a wonderful day and remember to stay happy,healthy and safe.All the best mirthful_rainforest!

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