Is the media the basis of the crisis?


The environment is dying, life will die with it; All because of human greed and irresponsibility.

Despite the spread of awareness of the seriousness of the issue, it has not been resolved, and if it continues in this way, it will not be resolved. Because the countries have not taken measures to solve this crisis, and the countries that have taken have not followed up or monitored the people.

In my opinion, I find that before trying to solve the problem, we must solve problems that negatively affect it, such as the media and rumors.

How has the media affected the problem of environmental pollution?

Before explaining my theory, I will ask you one question:

Have you ever heard news about environmental pollution?

Probably not. Because the media has become focused only on the gains and programs that will bring in views, and has completely forgotten that they must tell us the truth ..

Even they have become exaggerated in describing the facts, and they manipulate some of them under the pretext of spreading panic and fear.

As the news channels became full of news such as celebrity scandals, the good side of everything, and some false information that has no basis in truth (rumors) ..

A good example of this is Delhi (India), where there was a scoop in 2019 mentions

“Air pollution in India is estimated to kill 1.5 million people every year. It is the fifth largest killer in India. According to the World Health Organization, India has the highest death rate in the world due to chronic respiratory diseases and asthma. In Delhi, poor quality air does no harm. 2.2 million, or 50% of all children, will come back into my lungs. "

This news was about two years ago, but until this moment they are still talking about it as if it were the news of the century; My uncle visited Delhi a month ago and he told me that it is full of trees and fields, contrary to what the news says, and he told me that it has become very pure! .

At the present time 2021, people still clinging to the past only mention one thing as Covid 19 and how it affected their countries; Their success with the vaccine; They opened to airports, forgetting that there were thousands of trees dying every day due to various different practices resulting from ignorance and lack of awareness.

I was very shocked by people's ignorance, especially when there is a problem of pollution in a country, and they say, "Oh, it is good that it is not in our country," or we tell them about the problem of climate, and they answer, "Oh, it will not happen in our time, so it is not our problem."

What is the solution?

There are several solutions; Such as :

1: Punish those who publish rumors.

2: Media awareness.

3: To verify the validity of any information before publishing it.

So you guys; The media is a double-edged sword, and rumors are a dangerous disease more dangerous than the Covid 19 .

Thanks for your reading ..

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