Is It Too Late To Build Back Greener?

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Hello, my name is sincere_atom and today I will be answering the question " Is it too late to build back greener?"

Lets look back at last year and its climate problems.

In 2020 the amount of co2 (carbon dioxide) reached record levels of 417 parts per million in May. The last time this happened it was 4 million years ago and global temperatures were 2-4c warmer than they should have been! This information has also lead people to believe that climate change is just part of earths cycle as it has already happened and humans did survive.

Now time the answer the big question.

Well, it is really quite debatable whether we can change anything, but what we do know is that over the lockdowns scientists have really seen a massive impact on climate change. They saw that there was much less pollution in the air as people were using cars less and factories were not working as much as before. We also saw that the water in lakes and rivers was much cleanier as people were using them less. So there is evidence that we could stop climate change, but some others have different opinions about this.

While we have seen change in the earths climate, it can also be debated that it is too late, as research has shown that if we do not do anything about climate change in the next 9- 20 years that the tempertures will just rise too much and we will have to call it to an end. People are worried about this as they do not believe that we will have enough time to completely wipe out climate change in those years we have left.


In conclusion, I think that we could build back greener because what we have seen during the period of lockdown, and what has happened over the past 2 years, we have a great oppurtunity to help save our amazing planet. What do you think?

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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Caitlin Prasad @ Clifford Chance
    17 May 2021

    Thank you for your post, sincere_atom! You conclude by saying that we can help save our planet, despite the fact that some people may dispute this. Can you give some examples of how we can reduce/ slow down the the effects of climate change, other than using cars less frequently?

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    1. global convo icon.png funny_buffalo | Kyambogo College School | Uganda
      Caitlin Prasad @ Clifford Chance's comment 19 May 2021

      Thanks to you for the question. Considering the fact of technological development rates in the world, fumes emmited are going to a decrease. And also considering the fact that people highly relied on agriculture in the pandemic especially in the lock down my country Uganda being an example, I think that building back greener through agriculture though not mainly growing of food crops but planting of trees which help in rain production a great necessity of a healthy environment, engaging the government to promote or support agro-projects . Lastly, there is also banning of anti-environmental materials for example polythene bags, plastics among others.
      Thank you..

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  • Bruntcliffe-logo-250x250.jpg astounding_idea | Bruntcliffe Academy
    19 May 2021

    We should go back to our agricultural roots, if thou were to go back to the farming days then we may have a chance of saving the planet. Not only this but if we reinstated the use of carriages and stagecoaches it could seriously decrease the c02 within the atmosphere.

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  • global-conversation.png gentle_fact | Dawhyenya Methodist Basic School B | Ghana
    20 May 2021

    I think it is too late to build back greener because it will take a time for the planet to respond to change in the weather.

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