Is climate change the biggest threat to humanity?

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Is climate change the biggest threat to humanity?

The pandemic has been devastating. While they continue to battle against covid-19, world leaders are also making decisions about how their countries will recover. Is it too late or is climate change the biggest threat to humanity……..?

Firstly, rising sea levels and and enormous floods could cause lots of destruction which would leave many people homeless and injured, as well as draughts which would destroy farmlands and natural resources, so we wouldn't have any food or water to survive, and as there are currently no laws or emergency plans for this, both ways would cost the lives of millions of people. In 1939, the Yellow River flood in China caused over 900,000 deaths and 2 million were left homeless. This is just one of the most dangerous effects of climate change, so think how dangerous it might be for all of those effects combined?

Secondly, climate change will also cause intense heat waves and rainfall that can increase the risk of other types of disasters. Heat can start long draughts and hot dry conditions can in turn create wildfire conditions. Rising temperatures across the country poses a threat to people, ecosystems and the economy. In addition, more countries want renewable energy and technology. All of this will lead to no food and water, as I’ve said as before, and people will start getting violent and aggressive which could lead to riots and more cities or towns will get even more destroyed. Scientists have said all this would happen and more, some countries like Japan, Germany, Madagascar and many more have already experienced effects of climate change, and one day climate change won’t be reversible.

On the other hand, war could be a greater threat because it could destroy the whole world in less than a month and could demolish our country and destroy our home which would leave hundreds of people homeless and and would lead to millions of innocent people’s deaths or could leave some severely injured. We’ll also have less time to prepare, plan and to protect ourselves as we already have lots of things to worry about, especially coronavirus. In WW1 & 2, millions of people including children died, and our whole country was destroyed. People back then didn’t have the proper resources to survive or to help others, most importantly medicine and the resources that we have now in hospitals, so, they had to change things completely to protect themselves, including children from the countries that were attacking us.

Moreover, wars could also lead to deadly diseases that might be unknown or have no cure, because people from other countries could come to attack at any time and could be carrying germs which could spread immediately and could lead to hundreds of deaths and illnesses, as well as having to deal with wars. Covid is basically a disease and started from people leaving and visiting China, and now we’re still facing covid after thousands of deaths. A war is like this because they could leave their country to attack us while carrying germs and then could go back while carrying our germs, if we had them. It’s the same process, but with the germs attacking us. Would you really want to go through all this?

In conclusion, I believe that war is the biggest threat because climate change takes place naturally, whereas war is planned and created deliberately by man. War can be controlled even if it’s hard, so you can avoid it if you want to, but the weather can’t be controlled for it’s natural. War also causes thousands of more deaths than climate change and could start and spread deadly diseases and leads to us having 2 life-threatening things to deal with (wars and diseases), instead of 1 (climate change).

Therefore, climate change is not the biggest threat to humanity, though it is very dangrous and life-threatning so we should be prepared for anyting that could happen.


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