Understanding the Effects of COVID-19 on the Environment

During the Covid-19 pandemic a lot happened around the world leaving both positive and negative impacts. In my country Nigeria we were not left behind, but rather one of the countries who were badly affected by the virus.

  • In Nigeria some of the effects we had from the virus both positively and negatively where; the exposure of our students to online schooling, our ozone layer was not really affected due to the lockdown which was imposed, our local trade and businesses were badly affected because of the lockdown imposed, a lot of employees lost their job, farms were left uncultivated, a lot of trees were felled and the environment also had a time to recover.

My name is persuasive_camel and I'm from Nigeria and I'll be sharing some of the effects, the pandemic had on our environment. I am a citizen of Kwara state, which is the state of harmony as we have it in Nigeria. In Kwara we generate our income from the agriculture sector, by trading in items such as cotton, cocoa, coffee, Kolanut, tobacco, beniseed and palm produce. During the pandemic our source of income was disrupted and this had a negative impact on us.

  • As it was declared by the UN, the theme for last years world environment day was "Time For Nature". For me as a student, I believe that the factor which led to the rise of this theme was due to the pandemic and they were able to make use of the incident of the lockdown and restabilise our climate and environmental factors.
  • Nigeria is a home to alot of industries producing both harmful and domestic products and these factories are among the factors leading to the pollination of our environment by air, land and sea. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the imposition of the national lockdown, alot of industries were put on hold for about 3-4 months and this had a postive effect on the environment. In my country land, Nigeria, we do not make proper disposal of our wastes and this also goes for the factories to, even as they dump their refuses any how they like. Some of these industries just dump their waste into water ways and these could lead to the blockage of drainages and pollution of water bodies. It also pollutes the ozone layer as a lot of harmful fumes are released into the atmosphere by this industries. But due to the lockdown both the ozone layer and water bodies had a little time to recover as alot of industries where shut down.
  • The environment also had a negative impact by the pandemic which was improper disposal of facemasks, sanitizers and washing water. As I stated before, in Nigeria we dispose our refuse inappropriately and as the introduction to new vices we still were not able to make proper us of the opportunity, rather we polluted our environment.
  • Another positive imapct COVID-19 had on the Nigerian environment was the fumigation of our surroundings. As a vice in fighting coronavirus, we were forced to fumigate our surroundings and our government made sure this was done. Alot of roads in the country were fumigated and a lot of public buildings and facilities were sanitized and this did not also slow the spread of COVID-19 but also increased the life span of our nation.

In summary, there are still alot of contributions the pandemic had on my environment, but these are among a few I am able to share. The pandemic played postive roles in the rebuilding of our environment even as our government made very good use of the opportunity.

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