How was the Corona virus a factor in climate change


Everyone of us knows about the health crisis the world is going through, which has been the global spread of the Corona virus , this led to the closure of public places, the suspension of transportation, the suspension of tourism and travel, the suspension of import and export of products, the lack of agricultural production, and the deterioration of the economy.
This made everyone interested in the virus and how to eliminate it, so that scientists, experts, organizations, and country leaders have become their only goal is to find an effective vaccine against it.
Some people will say, "It is wonderful that everyone thinks about eliminating the virus, and finally we will be able to live in peace after almost three years."
But let me shock you and tell you that there is a bigger problem waiting for the world, which will contribute to the existence of this problem is the world's excessive interest in the Corona virus and their ignorance of this problem and their ignore this problem .
The problem that has been threatening us for several years, but has not been focused on, and I can even say that a small percentage of the world's population has an idea about it and its dangers.
That it is the problem of climate change .
Climate change is a change in temperature as a result of Global Warming of the ozone layers
The point I'm going to talk about today is how the virus is a factor in climate change
Let's Begin :
First: Electricity consumption during home quarantine: Home quarantine led to an increase in electricity consumption , kuwait topped the list of countries with the highest electricity consumption in the world after residents were subjected to home quarantine , and in all countries are relying on fossil fuels to generate electricity ,the problem is the combustion of fossil fuels and their production of carbon dioxide, which is a major cause of climate change.
Second: the increase in waste
The people's use of masks and sterilizers increased dramatically, the people consumed more plastic, and the people consumed more food, which increased the proportion of waste , and this waste is either incinerated or a small percentage of it can be recycled, but as factories and labor stop working, we will not be able to recycle it, so it will be burned , and when burned it produces: fly ash and dioxin polluting the air, the waste does not only pollute the air , but also the seas, and damage to human health, animals and plants, and fires are a factor in climate change as a result of global warming.
Third: take off the plants
In order not to spread the virus, some countries took off plants and discarded them, and this is what happened in my city , where the owner of one of the orchards removed all the plants and roses in his orchard for fear of the virus , and as we know plants breathe in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for us plants play a big role in purifying the air , so if the plants continue to be taken off , carbon emissions would increase and climate change would increase.
Fourth: The world's disregard for environmental issues Case in point: In Brazil, a large percentage of Amazon trees have been cut down , because the world ignores environmental issues , and as we know, the scarcity of trees results in an increase in carbon emissions that cause climate change.
Fifth: the increased interest in the virus Ignoring climate change, and its causes contribute to the increase of climate change and its danger to us in the future as countries could have used the time and it carries out awareness campaigns, planting trees, and begins to rely on environmentally friendly means , and thinking about plans to fight climate change, some will say how they can fight climate change and the virus at the same time , but believe me if countries want , they will try hard to do so.
Now that you have finished reading, I would like you to mention something that happened in your country during the Corona period contributing to climate change, awaiting your comments.

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