How to protect the environment and generate money at the same time

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The world produces 2.1 billion tons of waste, and only 16% of it is recycled, and the rest pollutes and destroys the environment!

But we can use garbage for make big money!

How can we convert this garbage into money and benefit from it?

Simply through reuse or recycling, and if you want to save more money, you can use reuse of garbage, as it does not cost anything unlike the laboratories that must be operated in the event we resort to recycling.

The accumulation of waste is a problem at the international level because of the increase in population, especially because it is a factor that causes global warming, and because it is a cause of all kinds of pollution, whether it is air pollution, water or food ..

* Of the ways to dispose of garbage in a safe way:

Firstly, reuse and recycling:

I previously explained that reuse and recycling are one of the methods of garbage disposal, but it is always ..

Second: Plasma Technology

It is the disposal of garbage by defrosting it in a safe manner.

Third: Converting garbage into energy

As in Switzerland, China and Japan.

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